Photo Gallery  – Customers Quilts

Below is a collection of stunning quilts that I have been privileged to quilt.

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Linen Wedding quilt

This beauty is an Irish chain design with large 15″ borders, made with linen fabrics and the brief was “lots of custom quilting”.  It is quilted both on the Statler and freehand.  The quilting designs are by One Song Needlearts, with freehand adding to the computerised designs.

Di from Molong

This masterpiece belongs to Di from Molong, and she is giving it as a gift – unfortunately not to me! It is the Portobello Market quilt by 3 Sisters for Moda, and you can download the pattern at the United Notions site.

It is quilted with freehand feathers in the red background fabric. I used a chalk marker to give me an idea where the spines would go, and then filled in the gaps with big and little feathers. Very effective and looks great.
The blocks were done with an Anne Bright p2p on the statler (Majestic I P2P). All the blocks are quilted with the same design. I picked a pattern which wouldn’t come too close into the centre with all its seams, but one which would pick out the centre star.

Lynne of Sydney

This quilt was made by Lynne of Sydney, in a class with Jennifer Corkish.
It has lots of flowers which have all been needleturned, and lots of open spaces for quilting.
It is quilted using rulers and templates, and freehand fillers and feathers.
The outside curved cross hatching was done with a new ruler from Westalee Designs ( and doesn’t it look great!
Lynne always uses gentle and pretty fabrics in her quilts, and I particularly love the pink rose border she as used in this masterpiece.

Deidre Jackson

This quilt belongs to Deidre Jackson and was made in a class with Tita Leach with blocks from a book by Pat Andreatta, “Heirloom Applique”, 1985. Deidre has not been doing this for very long and her work is exquisite. It is very heavily quilted with lots of feathers and fill.

Lynne Scott

This quilt was made by Lynne Scott and was designed by Michelle Marvig
( It is quilted using both freehand and computerised designs. The tulip baskets are by One Song Needle Arts ( The last picture shows the back of this lovely quilt – Lynne usually does fabulous pieced backs which are as lovely as the front!

Ruth Price of Orange

This quilt was made by Ruth Price of Orange and is made using a fabulous red Waratah fabric, gentle green and a plain black. It is quilted using the Statler, and Joanne Knott’s ( designs of Waratahs. The single Waratah (in red thread) was adapted using the Statler program’s “divide” ability. Looks great!

Cathy Beilharz

This quilt belongs to Cathy Beilharz and is a design by Jennifer Corkish called “Bowen Classic”. It is quilted with feathers around the circular designs and then more feathers in the outside border. I really like the stars in the circles and it has definitely gone onto my “to do list”!
The quilting is freehand with the aid of rulers to do the ditch stitching and the straight lines.

Kim Cannon

This quilt was made by Kim Cannon and it is very striking with the blue blocks and red sashings and borders.

It was quilted on the Statler, using designs by Anne Bright ( – Berry Vine Park Fancy Heart border and motif; Fleur flower in the blue blocks (Statler design), and a curve p2p in the sashings.

Jenny Webb of Forbes

This luscious quilt was made by Jenny Webb of Forbes, and is a design by Chris Jurd ( It is quilted with lots of ruler work and straight lines, except for the green border around the centre medallion which is a freehand feather design. The spine in this feather was stitched using 2 different rulers butted up together.

Lynne Purcell of Bathurst

This quilt was made by Lynne Purcell of Bathurst – I love the colours in this quilt! It is freehand quilted with swirls and straight lines in the blocks, and then swirls in the sashings. The outside border has parallel lines which work with the border fabric. It is called Gelati and designed by Judy Newman of Design House Quilts (

Kay Price from the Blue Mountains

This quilt was made by Kay Price from the Blue Mountains, and she made the hexagons with liberty prints her mother had collected. It is quilted with a swirly background filler, with large feather designs in the corners. The hexagon stars are highlighted with a circle and some continuous curve in them; the centre panel has continuous curve in it.

Lynette Anderson

This quilt was designed and made by Lynette Anderson ( ) and is called A Kittens Tale. It is very cute. I have stitched freehand swirly hearts in the outside border, clams and hearts in the inside border, and continuous curves in the pinwheels. The appliqué/stitchery blocks have SID and a small freehand motif in them too.

Kim Cannon of Canberra

This quilt belongs to Kim Cannon of Canberra and was made for her father.
It was quilted with clamshells in the blue outside border and inside side borders, using a template. The Red border is freehand waves, as are some of the triangles in the pieced border. The motif in the triangles of the pieced border are stitched using the circle lord, ginkgo template, and really show up on the back. The centre panel is SID around different areas of the design, and then freehand waves and swirls around the outside.

Di Gorringe of Molong

This quilt was made by Di Gorringe of Molong for her sister’s birthday. It is heavily quilted with continuous curves and lots of feathers. The wadding is Hobbs bleached 80:20.

Rhonda Holmes of Nyngan

This quilt was made by Rhonda Holmes of Nyngan from a BOM called Oriental Baltimore by Leesa Chandler of Chandler’s Cottage (, and to Rhonda’s delight was awarded a Champion Ribbon at the Nyngan Show. It is 3D, so the quilting had to be modified so the foot wouldn’t get caught on the fabric, and it has leaves and swirly designs in the black and frosted cream fabrics.

Jennifer Corkish

This quilt belongs to Jennifer Corkish it is hand appliquéd and machine pieced; and is freehand quilted with feathers, continuous curves, leaves and curvy parallel lines.

Ann Farrell of Orange

This quilt belongs to Ann Farrell of Orange and was made using lots of scrap browns and background fabrics. The coloured squares are quilted using a swirly line dancing design, and the large strips of background are heavily feathered and then settled down with parallel lines! I really like these curling feathers and they work very nicely in larger spaces.

Ann Visman of Orange

“Definitely Floored” by Ann Visman of Orange. The design was drafted and made from a photo taken of piece of a parquetry floor. It was very heavily quilted with feathers and arcs. It was juried into the 2007 AQS Paducah show as a semi-finalist, and won equal first in the Australian Machine Quilting Exhibition in Victoria (as part of the Victorian showcase) in 2007.

Deidre Press of Bathurst

This quilt belongs to Deidre Press of Bathurst and was quilted with feathers and feathered swags in the outside border.

Dot Beasley of Orange

This quilt was made by Dot Beasley of Orange. The quilt was started using the Stars and Roses Pattern of Angel Cake Designs, and was made bigger with more borders. It is heavily quilted with lots of feathers, and other custom designs.

Carolyn Cox

This quilt was made by Carolyn Cox as a Christmas present for her son. The back is as striking as the front, and looks even better in real life!