I used to write a blog a million years ago, but fell off the wagon – in a different place, house, direction and age now, so lets see how it goes.

I was machine quilting full time, but gradually have moved away from custom work as I needed a break, and into selling fabric, running workshops with visiting teachers, and doing all over quilting work.

As well as all this I have another website which I use to list and sell quilts I have made.

The website for fabric and machine quilting https://www.erquilting.com.au

The website for quilts is http://www.quiltsforsale.com.au

I’m also working out a new system, so the photos all seem to be in the one spot – I’ll get it sorted. Maybe. Anyhow, the pictures include a shot of some of the fabric bolts available in the shop; my April UFO which is only about 6 years old and will be a Lone Star quilt; one of my visiting teachers, Lisa Mattock with her papparazzi audience, and some cream/low volume fabrics which I am using for a gentle quilt. Pics to come.


Anyway, let me know what you think, and keep me accountable. LOL